I've been growing on a commercial level for a decade. In that time I've used all types of products, but when it comes to overall health and yield quality Mammoth P delivers in a Mammoth way! Mammoth has help me reach that mythical 2-3lbs per light. I've noticed my root zones have increased and my stalks have turned to trunks, equaling massive high quality yields. Thanks for such a solid product, it's a staple in all my grows! Much love Mammoth Fam
We are seeing great results with your product thus far. We have definitely seen the boost in uptake of P and a definite flower size increase. We are also able to see a large increase in specific microbial activity this product has proven to be a very valuable tool and a perfect fit for a high-energy high-production organic farm as well as an easy add on to a synthetic regimen.
My harvest is already approx. 50% greater yield with a MUCH more dense forest of trichomes. I will be using Mammoth P for years to come! I love your microbes!!

Tolleson, AR

Always works, been using your product for 2 years and the results are undeniable...Best microbes in the game!


As usual always impressed with mammoth P. We have an all organic farm that uses compost and organic inputs. We have plants over 8ft and the only thing we feed is mammoth and molasses. We also used your mammoth B and have seen no spider mites! It also didn’t burn our plants. I really didn’t get enough of the B to trial it long enough though.

North Carolina

I just want to say thank you for putting out the best product I've every used. I have gone through numerous brands that did little to nothing for my buds until I started using Mammoth P a friend gave me and my buds have gotten 3x as dense (in a good way) and just everythng I was looking for in a booster. It's like night and day from my previous harvest to this most recent. I'm Mammoth P for life now. Gave away my previous sub par enhancers...I will be a return customer forever....I appreciate the message back and all that y'all at Mammoth do. It really is something special.

I have one plant that is 10 days behind the other 3 and it caught up to the others in about 2 weeks! I noticed a HUGE difference in the stalks almost overnight. All plants are getting a dose with every watering and feeding. I will be using mammoth p from now on!


Mammoth, I just want to say thank you for creating a good product to get rid of spider mites. I used it once and seems to have fixed the Problem.


I started using Mammoth P in my Veg and saw closer node spacing and for a hemp cloner that is key in my garden and my business. I use it during every stage now.

Murphy, Oregon

I am a medical grower and I started using Mammoth Preventative Insecticide. Works incredible and smells good. Easy to use and weekly maintenance.


I was dealing with thrips off and on for months using the traditional Spinosad products. No matter how much I sprayed or in what frequency. I couldn’t seem to keep them out of my garden. I was fortunate enough to come across Mammoth BioControl. I was a little skeptical about the price but after seeing the thrip population disappear after the first week, I am a firm believer in the Mammoth Biocontrol. I am very excited to try this outdoors for this next season. Thanks Mammoth!
Mr. Duke

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful product. Mammoth P tripled my overall size, density, and tricombs. I still can't believe I was able to achieve this from my autos.

Your microbes are like magic I have seen an incredible increase on a daily basis from day one of use they look a minimum of a week ahead of where they would be! I'm sold.


Been loving Mammoth P. Your product is too good. Finished veg 10days early. That electric savings alone in a year pays for your product. This is better then my teas I use.

I'm sold, this absolutely the best product I have ever used hands down..it definitely increased yields, it also cut a few days off my bloom cycle. It's like adding twin turbos to a race car, the metabolism increase is pure insanity and unlike anything I have seen. I've tried alot of products and no single product is worth more to me or my garden than Mammoth P. It compliments any nutrient line, it builds larger healthier plants from the roots up, and you will absolutely see better yields. Thanks guys and yes it's time to re-up on some Mammoth P!