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Because you came at it as an academic scientist you created your own study by going out and talking to these hundred farmers, which gave you all this new focus group information which becomes your new evidence. I would think that if most entrepreneurs would do that in their own way, we’d see a lot less failing companies.

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Genetics is just one factor to a successful farm operation. Most of modern agriculture relies heavily on inputs, like fertilizers and pesticides, to keep plants healthy and productive. But for obvious legal reasons, the Monsantos and John Deeres of the world aren’t currently catering to cannabis growers. That leaves room for startups.

One of those new kids on the block, Colin Bell, decided to use his knowledge of soil microbes to serve the marijuana sector. Bell originally developed a mix of microbes at Colorado State University to sell to vegetable farms.

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Colorado companies are attempting to solve for this new context by developing new technology that makes farming more efficient.

“People don’t think of agriculture as a tech space, but it certainly is,” said Matthew Wallenstein, head of the Innovation Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Colorado State University.

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It is growing great , I'm seeing twice the growth as last run in veg yet to flower will keep u posted . these are 1.5 weeks apart the tall ones aren't males they girls n they are the ones getting the Mammothmicrobes , great products hands down


Grower, OH

I'm very excited! I've given my plants Mammoth P twice now, and I can already see a difference! The plants are looking fabulous – frosty as ever in bloom (39 days) and green and growing like crazy in veg. cabinet.


Grower, WA

I did not get a side-by-side picture, but I did run the same strain in the same soil mix on two separate occasions. First, I ran the strain without any beneficial bacteria – just AACT. Then, I ran the strain with AACT, Mammoth P and SLF100. There was such a marked difference in not only stem strength and yield, but also in overall quality of bud. I had people accusing me of lacing the bud after a small sample. Mammoth P has earned a regular spot in my organic growing. Thank you for such an awesome product!


Grower, AK

I'm loving your product! More importantly, my plants are taking to it well. My plats aren't very exciting – a pineapple plant, some bearded irises and various other house plants. The iris was an afterthought – I was transplanting and splitting a few Trifasciata Snakeskin plants and decided to pour the remaining Mammoth P solution onto a few of the irises that were popping up. They seem to be digging the extra boost compared to the others!


Grower, PA

My plant is getting fat at 22 days into bloom! What a difference Mammoth P makes!

Chris M.

Grower, NY

Things have been extremely well since I started using your Mammoth P product. I am definitely seeing an increase in the size of my buds. I would say that Mammoth P has been a game-changer for me, and I have spread the word about it to other growers I know. I will help any grower increase their yield! Two thumbs up! Thanks a ton!

Darrick S.


I have one plant that is 10 days behind the other 3 plants and it caught up to the others in about two weeks! I noticed a HUGE difference in the stem almost overnight. All plants are getting a dose of Mammoth P with every watering. The first 3 did not get Mammoth P until day 10. Thank you very much for the samples – I will be using Mammoth P from now on!

Stoney McAlways

Grower, TX

Since starting with Mammoth P, I have noticed my buds swell up much quicker than normal and I am not expecting to yield more than I was before. Once I run out, I will definitely purchase more Mammoth P. Thanks again!


Grower, MO

I started using Mammoth P one week before flipping to flower, and my plants are thriving. They're going to be beasts!

Eric P.

Grower, MI

I used Mammoth P on my diesel cut and I've seen a huge improvement in flower growth! I used it late in the cycle, and wish I'd had it earlier!


Grower, OR

I only had a few weeks of use, but I have noticed a definite increase in uptake. My plants are getting hefty, long, fat and frosty. Is it a miracle, or is it the Mammoth P?

Grow Goblin

Grower, IN

Got roots? Use Mammoth Microbes by itself and watch the magic happen!

Casey B.

Grower, MI

I started using Mammoth P in my rotation and I just have to say … WOW! The first troopers to hang are bigger and heavier by far. I used Mammoth P on my go-to strain I've grown for years. Oh, and by the way, my clones are unreal using Mammoth Microbes, too! I'll be using this forever.

David H.

Grower, MI

I use Mammoth Microbes and recommend it to everyone!


Grower, NY

We have been testing Mammoth P here on the Mosca Ranch. The results are noticeable and real! Harvest time is only a few weeks away!

Mosca Negra


I just harvested some nice nugs after using Mammoth P! I really thought that, overall, my plants seemed to really enjoy the microbes – very green and always praying! You know you're doing something right when your fan leaves are straight up and down! Mammoth also gave me my first look into some serious soil enrichment. Thanks a lot to everyone at Mammoth Microbes!


Grower, CA

I definitely saw a visible difference. My plants even look more relaxed – I see this in the angle of the fan leaves. They pray, but no crazy praying. I'm serious when I say Mammoth P will stay in my regimen. It's pricey, but I feel like it's worth it!

Tyler S


Wow! I love this company! They sent me a generous sample package quickly, and I look forward to doing future business with this blissful company! Thank you, Mammoth Microbes.

Abdullah Aziz


Worked great!

David Trujillo

Grower, OR

I only use Mammoth and a compost tea made my buds incredibly huge this is week 6 of 9 a weeks strain



To anyone who might be considering using Mammoth P, I am here to tell you that this is single-handedly the best product ever. It definitely increases yield and frost, and I've personally seen it shave 6 days off of harvest. To put it simply: it's amazing what these microbes do. I recommend your revolutionary product to everyone, and can promise you that I will support and use Mammoth P for life. It is the single best gardening product I have ever tried – and the results don't lie! Thanks Mammoth Microbes!

Patrick P


I noticed a huge difference in my garden in only 3 days. I honestly don't know how we lived without Mammoth P for so long. Thank you, Mammoth!

Mark M


I work for Grofax, and I want to thank your Denver team. Last grow, some Mammoth Microbes representatives came in and gave us some samples. A team returned to the store a couple of months ago and asked what I thought of the product. I responded that it was hard to tell, as the sample was only enough for a single watering and not enough to see any definitive results. The representative said he wanted to know, so he ran to his car and grabbed a liter for us to use. We have been using Mammoth P during this whole cycle, and I am stoked at what I'm seeing. We will continue to use and promote Mammoth P. Thank you for creating a product that is good enough that Mammoth Microbes can literally give it away the first time to prove it. I will share our story with our customers and the folks I consult with in my personal business. I love it. Thanks again!


Growfax Retailer, CO

Mammoth P makes my plants thick! I love the logo, and the customer service is great!

Mike R


I am absolutely LOVING Mammoth P, and plan on using it from now on. It works so well with my setup. I am currently running SuperSoil from Build-A-Soil, with a few additives – including Recharge. Originally, I heard about Mammoth Microbes on the Dude Grows Show – I am a long-time listener. Thank you very much for the samples you sent me. The first time I used your product, my plants absolutely EXPLODED with growth! I highly recommend Mammoth P within my circle of growers!

Jamie D

Grower, CA

My harvest is already approximately 50% greater yield, with a MUCH denser forest of trichomes. I will be using Mammoth P for years to come! I love your Microbes!

Jacob M

Grower, AR

So far, so good with the Mammoth P! My plants are looking better than ever! Other than that, I am waiting to switch to flower in a week or two. I feel like that's when Mammoth P will really shine!



I am very happy with my end results. I feel like the Mammoth P gave my plants extra density and made the aromas come out a little more. I am excited to run this for a full cycle so I can see the true, full-strength results. Pictures just don't do it justice!


Grower, CA

I want to thank you again for the sample you sent. I have put it to good use, that's for sure. I have noticed a difference in using Mammoth P. I can't really say for yield, exactly, as I am just a personal grower and don't really bother with weights. I can for sure tell a difference in looks and density, along with structure. I still have a little while of using Mammoth P before I can give an accurate review, but I will say that Mammoth P will be a staple in our garden. I am currently using Nectar for the Gods nutrients, along with a few other additives, and believe I am pretty well dialed in. To see results in my first month of using Mammoth P is really awesome – especially since I was happy with my results beforehand! To see my garden now is truly unbelievable.

Curt A


We are seeing great results with your product thus far in our run. We have definitely seen a boost in uptake of P and definite increase in flower size. We are also able to see a large increase in specific microbial activity. This product has proven to be a very valuable tool and a perfect fit for a high-energy, high-production organic farm, as well as an easy add-on to a synthetic regimen.

Dominic W

Co-Founder Mountain Men Organics

I just had to drop you a quick email to let you know how bad ass your product is. I run a completely closed room, and it is set perfectly in terms of the environment – and has been for 3 years. I run the same strain, so I know the characteristics very well. The same goes for my nutrients and growing medium. The differences I am seeing with Mammoth P are very noticeable. In summary, I see an incredible difference in stem strength, faster and denser flower set, less distance between nodes, and overall positive plant "healthiness." I am very stoked. Thank you.

Dodger Fan

Grower, CA

Mammoth Microbes are the best microbes I've ever used, and I have all my friends using it! A great product for getting the best yields and phenomenal finished product! If you haven't heard, now you know!

Don E


Growing great! Noticeable increase in flower density during test cycle.

Kyle R

Grower, WA

I love your product! I started using during the last 4 weeks of flowering and I saw significant growth! Thank you – I will be purchasing more once it's gone!

Willie G

Grower, WI

Mammoth P speaks for itself once you try it. I enjoy promoting products that I use and honestly believe in.

Don P

Grower, CO

Thank you, again, for your kindness and for making a kick ass product! One Love.

Mark P

Grower, CO

I just wanted to let you know that I received the hat you sent, and I am truly grateful. More importantly, I will continue to use your product because it works. It's as simple as that.

Ryan S

Grower, MI

It is growing great! I am seeing twice the growth as my last run in veg. My plants have yet to flower, but I will keep you posted! Great product, hands down.


Grower, OH

It's not a successful grow without Mammoth P! I will, in fact, never grow without Mammoth P and I can't wait to see it on shelves everywhere!



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