The newest member of the MAMMOTH product family has arrived


MAMMOTH SILICA (Si) will enable plants to grow MAMMOTH STRONG – the newest highly concentrated elemental-silicon additive to hit the market!


To use from early growth through bloom
With added calcium and boron
For high bioavailability of silicic acid to maximize plant silicon uptake
To promote plant strength and stature

Low application rate: 0.5mL/Gal

*not registered in all states*

Uniquely formulated with low Nitrogen – to encourage use throughout the entire growth cycle

Low Nitrogen

Application from vegetative - bloom phases

One low application rate

Greenhouse tested by our plant trial team - shown to increase strength and stature.

Targeted Formulation

Specifically formulated to provide you a single product and low application rate to use throughout your entire growth cycle (veg-bloom)

Targeted Proprietary Formulation

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide (MB-PI) utilizes compounds in thyme oil found to be highly effective in pest prevention and control.

Compatible with Your Grow

MAMMOTH® SI was designed to use throughout veg and bloom phases of plant growth, and is compatible with a typical fertilizer regime.

Safe & Compatible

MAMMOTH® Biocontrol Preventative Insecticide (MB-PI) is safe for use throughout the vegetative phase of plant growth, and is compatible for use as a part of your IPM strategy.

Increase Strength and Stature
MAMMOTH® SI if formulated for use in container gardens or hydroponic applications.
Use 0.5 mL per gallon at every watering or every other watering. For hydroponics, apply 0.5 mL per gallon to the reservoir every 5-7 days and adjust pH accordingly.
1 Gallon
2.5 Gallons
5 Gallons

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