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Frequently Asked Questions
  • It’s new and improved. We took what we learned from Biocontrol and made it better!
  • This formulation is 3x more concentrated.
  • The application rate to 1 oz. per gallon.
  • We improved the functionality, CANNCONTROL eliminates: Powdery Mildew – Botrytis (Gray Mold) – Mites – Aphids – Whiteflies – Thrips – Fungus Gnats.
  • This formulation includes a surfactant for improved coverage and effectiveness.


CANNCONTROL is the new and improved version of Biocontrol. Growers have had great success with Biocontrol and it will remain available.

We’re glad you’re a fan of Biocontrol! We look forward to you giving Canncontrol a try on your next run!

Thyme has many natural active chemical ingredients that are registered for use as very effective fungicides, insecticides, virucides and medical disinfectants. In brief, these natural chemicals found in thyme can disrupt fungal cell walls and hyphal structures to eradicate Powdery Mildew disease.

MAMMOTH CANNCONTROL is a contact and vapor action fungicide, miticide, and insecticide. This product was formulated for the elimination of fungus, mites, and insects. CANNCONTROL is made of 100% all natural ingredients, and is compatible for use in indoor and outdoor cultivation. Our Research and Development team has lab and greenhouse tested this product and proven its effectiveness in preventing and eliminating: Powdery Mildew, Botrytis (Gray Mold), Mites, Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, and Fungus Gnats

CANNCONTROL controls fungus, insect and mite infestations by utilizing a dual mode of action (MOA).  The first MOA is as a suffocant which uses oil to coat the insect and/or mite, causing blockage of the spiracles (air holes) resulting in death due to asphyxiation. The second MOA is the way in which CANNCONTROL utilizes the natural compounds in thyme that act as a natural deterrent for mold and mildew as well as insect and mite colonization and subsequent propagation.

CANNCONTROL is a proprietary formulation made with natural compounds found in thyme oil to prevent and eliminate fungus, mite and insect infestation. When applied according to the directions on the label, CANNCONTROL is highly effective in preventing and knocking down infestations, which enables your plant to reach its full yield potential. The low application rate allows you to grow healthy plants with a product that goes a long way.

If you’re wondering how CANNCONTROL compares to neem-based products: while neem-based products have been shown over time to be efficacious, the active ingredient in Neem, azadirachtin, might be associated with health problems.

After several years of research, we identified the components of thyme oil that are responsible for preventing and eliminating mold, mildew, mite and insect infestations, and that are equally efficacious to neem-based products.
While products that contain generic thyme oil can accomplish some level of pest prevention and elimination, it is nowhere near the level that our product does due to the specific components of thyme that we identified and included in our CANNCONTROL formulation.

Due to the limitations of use of insecticides according to state and federal regulations, the use of naturally-derived active ingredients that are not subject to EPA regulations provide a grower with a natural and proven alternative to the use of synthetic chemicals. The ingredients used in CANNCONTROL have been determined to pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, while proven to be effective in fungus, mite, and insect control.


CANNCONTROL should be applied weekly, when plants will not be exposed to sunlight or other direct lighting for at least 6 hours. Plants should be well hydrated before application. CANNCONTROL should only be used in accordance with the directions provided on the product label or on the CANNCONTROL product page.  Any deviation from the directions provided on the product label could result in decreased product efficacy, decreased plant vigor, or plant stress.

CANNCONTROL should not be applied after flowers have set. It will not damage the flowers, however we cannot guarantee that there will not be some residual impacts to flavor. Stop applying CANNCONTROL if there are signs of phytotoxicity (leaf burning) after application. Follow CANNCONTROL label instructions regarding when to apply and conduct a precautionary trial to ensure that the product does not negatively impact your plants. Do not use on newly planted cuttings or plants stressed by drought.

CANNCONTROL is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide. Plant-derived ingredients leave zero toxic residue and are safe for testing.

CANNCONTROL has not been shown to interfere with the use of other products. Caution should be used when using other oil based products in concert with CANNCONTROL to ensure there is no phototoxicity. Additionally, CANNCONTROL may be used with predator insects as a part of a broader IPM strategy. As with any botanical oil that may be used in conjunction with predatory mites or other predatory insects, the cultivator should ensure that these various prevention strategies are applied on a sequential basis. Implementing these strategies correctly is important to ensure that the oils in CANNCONTROL do not affect predator insects.

Your bottle of CANNCONTROL will remain stable for 24 months from the date of manufacture found on the back label of the bottle. Once opened, we recommend using your bottle of CANNCONTROL within six months. Product should be stored at room temperature, and should not be exposed to temperatures below freezing or above 90°F (32°C). Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should also be avoided. Keep the lid on when not in use to prevent evaporation of active ingredients.

The numbers stamped on the back of your bottle indicate the lot number and the manufacture date (MFD). We use these numbers to ensure that every bottle is tracked for quality control, and to ensure the product meets product specifications. Each bottle of CANNCONTROL is stable at room temperature for two years on the shelf and six months once opened.

CANNCONTROL is not approved for use in any aquaponics system.

Most water that is used to water plants falls in the pH range of 6 to 7.5. No adjustments are necessary when applying CANNCONTROL.

Tap water may be used in the application of CANNCONTROL. It is not necessary to use filtered or RO water.

At this time CANNCONTROL is only available in the United States. Please refer to the “Stores” page to find out where CANNCONTROL is approved for sale.

Please use CANNCONTROL according to the instructions on the product label. Eye protection is recommended while handling the product in order to avoid eye irritation. Appropriate clothing is recommended to avoid skin irritation.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), CANNCONTROL is categorized as a 25(b) minimum risk pesticide. The ingredients used in CANNCONTROL are exempt from being registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and are determined to pose little to no risk to human health or the environment. More information can be found on the EPA website at For additional product safety information, please refer to the product MSDS sheet on the CANNCONTROL product page.

No, there are no microbes in CANNCONTROL.

CANNCONTROL is compatible with all types of sprayers, including manual sprayers, spray bottles, atomizers, foggers, backpack sprayers, tank sprayers, etc.

No, there is no need to add a surfactant with CANNCONTROL as it already contains 30% oleic acid, which is an extremely effective surfactant.

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