Protect Your Plants.
Eliminate Pests.

Now you can have confidence in a product that prevents and eliminated fungus, mites, and insects. Mammoth® CannControl is the next generation of contact and vapor-action fungicides.

MAMMOTH CannControl


Why Your Plants Need Mammoth CannControl


How Mammoth CannControl Can Protect Your Plants


Application & Specifications


What can Mammoth CannControl do for your plants?

Now You Can Control It All

Mammoth CannControl is lab and greenhouse tested – proven to eliminate powdery mildew, botrytis (gray mold), mites, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and fungus gnats. Plus, it’s safe and all-natural.

More Concentrated. More Effective.

This all-in-one product does more for your plants. By using all-natural thyme extracts, we’ve created a concentrated, safe-to-use (as instructed) pest control and elimination product. Just follow the instructions to keep indoor and outdoor cultivations protected.


How did we create such an effective, all-natural pest control product? It’s no miracle, just nature and science!

All-Natural Ingredients

Mammoth CannControl is a minimum risk pesticide that leaves zero toxic residue on your plants. That means it tests clean, plus it’s exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) as a minimum risk pesticide.

Targeted Proprietary Formulation

With Mammoth CannControl, you get a concentrated formulation that has a wetting agent built in. All you need to do is mix with water and get to applying.


Details on usage, application, specifications, and more.

Safe and Compatible IN ALL MEDIA 

Mammoth CannControl is safe for testing and compatible for use as part of your existing IPM strategy when used as directed.


All the details, dilution, application rates, ingredients, and usage instructions on how you can protect your plants with Mammoth CannControl.


  • View our Material Safety Data Sheet
Ingredients (Active)
  • 15% Thyme Oil
  • 55% Corn Oil
Ingredients (Inert)
  • 30% Oleic Acid


Directions for Use
  • Shake well before and after diluting. For best results, use freshly mixed solution.
  • Apply using an atomizer, misting system, or spraying apparatus. Read and carefully follow instructions for type of sprayer.
Foliar Application
  • For minor outbreaks, mix 1oz (30mL) of this product in 1 gallon of water.
  • For more severe outbreaks, mix up to 3 oz (90mL) of this product in 1 gallon of water.
  • Use sufficient spray volume to achieve thorough coverage.
  • Agitate sprayer every 60 minutes to prevent product separation.
  • Cover both tops and bottoms of leaves and stems thoroughly. Saturate to point of run-off.
Root Drench Application
  • Mix 1 oz (30mL) of this product in 1 gallon of water and apply to your medium.

When to Apply

  • Apply this product to well hydrated plants once per week as needed. May be used during vegetative and flowering stages.
  • Spray late in the evening or on cloudy days when plants are not exposed to direct sunlight or artificial lighting for at least 6 hours.
  • Use weekly to eliminate fungal, insect, and mite pressure.
  • Re-entry Interval (REI) does not apply.
  • Do not apply this product when bees are actively foraging.

NOTE: As a precautionary trial, apply this product to a few leaves and observe for 2 days. Discontinue use if signs of burning are present. Do not use on newly planted cuttings or on plants stressed by drought. Avoid application when temperature exceeds 90°F (32°C). This product is useful as a component of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

Product may not be registered in all states.