Read Our Recent Article In Garden Culture Magazine: Sustainable Agriculture Using Soil Microbiology

Sustainable farming is the future of agriculture. The greatest challenge facing indoor and outdoor cultivators is maximizing food and medicinal crop production (to meet growing population demands) while minimizing environmental impacts. To be truly sustainable, agriculture management must meet current needs of farmers without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Only recently have new technologies allowed indoor and outdoor cultivators to achieve sustainable management practices which are practical for large-scale cultivation facilities. Successful producers must deliver a suite of very important factors to maximize their crop success (and value); including solar energy, energy intensive climate controls and plant nutrition. Over the last decade, indoor cultivators have started to adopt more efficient LED lighting and solar
power technologies to minimize the environmental impacts of traditional ‘on-grid’ energy costs. Likewise, the surge in microbial biotech solutions for agriculture has quickly evolved over the last decade into mainstream cultivation practices – including cannabis.