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Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Growcentia focuses on enhancing plant growth and minimizing the environmental impacts of agriculture. The company increases crop yields by enhancing nutrient use efficiency with advanced microbial probiotics (live microbes). Growcentia employs a proprietary method developed by a team of PhD soil microbiologists. This innovative method creates a consortia of bacteria that have synergistic qualities for vital nutrient cycling functions in the growing cycle and are highly effective. Therefore, Growcentia is able to combine the most functionally effective species to deliver innovative solutions to growers.

Fundamentally, Growcentia targets naturally occurring soil microbes that perform a specific nutrient cycling function; it then creates and manufactures organically-derived plant biostimulants, providing a solution for that function. Its products work to help growers and farmers maximize the health of their soils or growth media and increases nutrient uptake. The company’s emphasis is on boosting plant health, quality and yields, while at the same time decreasing fertilizer runoff.