Mammoth Products

Whether you’re looking for greater plant growth, protection or to boost your yield, there’s a Mammoth product for you.

to Maximize Your Growth Potential


Maximize your bloom and increase yield with Mammoth P – an organically derived product taking phosphorus cycling to the next level.

to Promote Strength and Stature

MAMMOTH Biocontrol

MAMMOTH SI enables plants to grow MAMMOTH STRONG – the newest concentrated elemental-silicon additive to hit the market!

MAMMOTH Canncontrol
to Prevent and Eliminate

MAMMOTH Canncontrol

This all-in-one contact and vapor action fungicide, miticide, and insecticide is the tool you need to prevent and eliminate common pests

MAMMOTH Starter Plugs
to Plant and Grow

MAMMOTH Biocontrol



A 50/50 mix of coco coir and spaghagnum peat moss, Mammoth Starter Plugs provide excellent moisture and aeration.

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