Mammoth Products

Whether you’re looking for greater plant growth, protection or to boost your yield, there’s a Mammoth product for you.


to Maximize Your Growth Potential

Maximize your bloom and increase yield with Mammoth P – an organically derived product taking phosphorus cycling to the next level.

MAMMOTH CannControl

to Prevent and Eliminate

Mammoth CannControl Montana

This all-in-one contact and vapor action fungicide, miticide, and insecticide is the tool you need to prevent and eliminate common pests.


to Promote Strength and Stature

MAMMOTH Biocontrol
MAMMOTH SI enables plants to grow MAMMOTH STRONG – the newest concentrated elemental-silicon additive to hit the market!

MAMMOTH Starter Plugs

to Plant and Grow

A 50/50 mix of coco coir and sphagnum peat moss, Mammoth Starter Plugs provide excellent moisture and aeration.


to Grow Mammoth Foundations

MAMMOTH® MYCO is a complete mycorrhizae product, containing 1,300 spores per gram.

MAMMOTH Plant Food

To Grow Plants and Build Soil

Essential nutrients for all types of plants and gardens. Feeds plants & soil, plant-derived, easy to mix, low salt content.