#mammothmicromoments – Video Giveaway

We’ve seen a lot of your videos and we’d love to see more!
We are going to give away 31 Mammoth Hats in the month of May on our social media to growers who post a video about Mammoth P™ during the Month of May.

It’s simple.  Post a video about Mammoth P™ and show us your grow, let us know when you started using Mammoth, and tell us what you’re growing!

How to enter:
Create a video directly in Instagram –  tag @MammothMicrobes and Hashtag #MammothMicroMoments


Post it up on your YouTube Channel and share the link.
• In Twitter tag @MammothMicrobes and Hashtag #MammothMicroMoments
• On Facebook – post YouTube link on our page.

We will choose one per day to win a hat and will reshare our favorites.


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