Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for gardener in your life? Look no further! Mammoth Garden offers a starter kit with everything your favorite gardener needs to boost their blooms, protect their produce, and create the beautiful garden they’ve been dreaming of.

Everything You Need

When you’re shopping for the gardener in your life who seems to already have everything, the Mammoth Garden Starter Pack is a great choice to show them how much you care! With this kit, your loved one will have our two powerful formulas at hand: Mammoth Grow Me™, to create a more lush garden and Protect Me™, to keep that garden free from any harmful environmental elements!

Grow Me

Create a beautiful, lush garden easily with the Mammoth Grow Me™ formula. Designed to boost your blooms and keep your fruits plentiful and delicious, this enhancer contains natural ingredients that are beneficial to your plants’ growth. These naturally produced ingredients, such as earthworm castings, are not only beneficial to your plants, but easy on the environment, as well!

Protect Me

Make sure your bountiful growth and harvests are protected from mold, mites, and insects with the powerful Protect Me™ formula. This is compatible with many kinds of plants to protect from garden molds, pests, and more. Specifically formulated to repel and kill powdery mildew, mites, aphids, whiteflies, thrips, and fungus gnats, all which can hinder the growth of your plants.

Indoor And Outdoor Growing

The Mammoth Garden line of products is designed to help every gardener, from the indoor specialist with plants in every room, to the backyard farmer.. Both the Grow Me™ formula and the Protect Me™ formula are designed for use on both indoor plants and outdoor beds, so no matter what kinds of plants your favorite gardener has, Mammoth Garden™ can help you treat them this gifting season!

Spoil the gardener in your life with a starter pack of our two powerful and beneficial formulas designed to grow and protect a beautiful, lush garden. Shop our starter packs and other products online today to get yours before the holiday season is over!