The Science That Helps You Grow

We’re proud to develop groundbreaking, scientifically driven solutions that naturally help you maximize your crop’s productivity. That’s why we created the Mammoth® product line – so you can have access to the science that helps you grow.


Maximize your phosphorus cycling to get the most out of your growth and yield.

MAMMOTH Canncontrol

Mammoth CannControl
Prevent and eliminate fungus, mites, and insects with this contact and vapor-action fungicide.


MAMMOTH Biocontrol
MAMMOTH SI enables plants to grow MAMMOTH STRONG – the newest concentrated elemental-silicon additive to hit the market!

MAMMOTH Starter Plugs

MAMMOTH Biocontrol

A 50/50 mix of coco coir and sphagnum peat moss, Mammoth Starter Plugs provide excellent moisture and aeration.

Becoming MAMMOTH

We’re always cultivating new ideas. Together, we’re working to change the way the world grows with revolutionary science that produces natural, effective products and results. It all started when three CSU PhD soil microbiologists got together to answer the question, “How do we use the power of science to harness and unleash the power of nature?”


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