Helping the Flint Unity Farming Project

Mammoth P is a sponsor of the Flint Unity Farming Project -Teaching Children To Appreciate Nature And The Planet Through Agriculture.

A letter from the project founder:

Greetings Mrs. Kendra! ​
It’s Delmond Marshall of the Flint Unity Farming Project- Flint, Michigan. I just wanted to thank your brand again for being a sponsor of the Flint Unity Farming Project for 2017. Last year our program taught 26 children. This year we struggled & was able to teach 127 children gardening this year. There’s already a waiting list for children that want to partake of class for the spring & summer next year. We were intending to teach a winter indoor gardening class at Amazing Grace Church for the kids starting December 29th, but we had to cancel it because we never got the 37 hundred dollar donation to get lights, tents, pots for kids to use, etc

We had a great summer. Our program was featured on the news: (click here) & in the newspaper for our gardening program: (click here) . Thanks to the social media posts & feedback about us, Dr. Baird of Michigan State University arranged to have our Summer Camp kids visit MSU Organic Farm & Diary Farm (click here).  A few community leaders was upset that we didn’t get nominated for local community outreach awards this year. He’s my views on that: (click here). We don’t have 90% of the things needed to put on this program, but we struggle & put it on for the children of Flint anyway: (click here). And because of our limited resources, we have to work on all Holidays like Veterans Day, ( My brother is a Veteran) Memorial Day, 4th of July etc. (click here).

Despite our struggles, we’re proud of the impact your brand helped our community effort that’s growing bigger than we can maintain. Thank you for helping our cause. In closing, If you have any discontinued nutrient item or items that you may not have any use for, can you send it to me or to a grow store here for us to use? If not, I’ll understand, but If so, please let me know. We’re hoping next year to finally get a financial sponsor to help us better put this program on. Thanks again,
Delmond Marshall


photo credit: Terray Sylvester,

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