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    We have distribution partners for MAMMOTH P in several international markets. Please email info@mammothmicrobes.com for more information. At this time, MAMMOTH Biocontrol (MB-PI) is only available in the United States. Please refer to the “Where to Buy” page to find out where MB-PI is approved for sale.

    Yes, MAMMOTH P is backed by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee

    Thanks for your interest in Mammoth! We do not provide samples to our customers directly, however some of our retail partners do have samples on hand. This varies by location, so we would recommend giving your store a call before you visit.
    Check out our store locator to find a store near you, or an online retailer that fits your needs:

    MAMMOTH P may darken over time, and different colorization is completely normal. This is due to naturally-occurring redox reactions in the alfalfa extract that we use in our formula. Redox reactions are completely natural occurrences in all living materials. In general, redox reactions occur when oxygen mixes in with the formula, which causes a darker color. We have rigorously tested color variation and effectiveness of the microbes in MAMMOTH P and we’ve found that the product is equally as effective, no matter what the color.

    As PhD soil microbiologists, we have yet to grow active microbes that smelled good! The bacteria in MAMMOTH P do have a strong smell, as they are very active and highly functional for promoting cannabis plant growth.

    It is completely normal to see sediment floating in your bottle of MAMMOTH P, being that it is an active microbial product. The sediment does not influence the effectiveness of the product and will not cause harm to your plants in any way. We simply recommend shaking your bottle of MAMMOTH P well before using.

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