Colin Bell Featured on Ganjapreneur

Colin Bell, PhD. is the co-founder, co-inventor, and chief growth officer of Growcentia, a manufacturer of organic soil supplements designed to minimize environmental impact. In his previous career as a research scientist at Colorado State University, Colin focused on understanding plant microbial interactions and produced many peer-reviewed publications on microbial mediated processes to enhance plant growth. With Growcentia, he has taken his scientific knowledge and applied it to business, solving real problems faced by farmers who want to grow better crops via sustainable methods.

Colin recently joined our host Shango Los for a conversation about the transition from academic to entrepreneur, how he manages work/life balance, how he fosters teamwork and camaraderie among coworkers in a start-up environment, and more. Listen to the episode using the media player or read the transcript

Read Colin’s article “Making Cannabis Plants Thrive with Phosphorous” on