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Growcentia A.K.A Mammoth Microbes was started at Colorado State University by three soil microbiologist research scientists. Matt Wallenstein, Rich Conant, and Colin Bell created the Mammoth P formula out of love for sustainable agriculture, and to give legal cannabis farmers tools to grow the best crops possible.

Cannabis plants are fickle. While they grow incredibly fast compared to other types of plants, quality cannabis flower hinges on the success of hundreds of factors from canopy density, the bug population, humidity, light schedule, atmosphere quality, temperature control, growing-medium ecology, just to name a few. Many growers are aware of the important role growing medium ecology plays in the overall health,  yield, and quality of a cannabis crop. There’s an entire ecosystem consisting of billions of microbes and bacteria living in the soil amongst the plant’s roots.

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Mammoth Microbes Uses Live Bacteria To Help Cannabis Plants Thrive

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