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Mammoth P by Mammoth Microbes, a biological stimulant produced by Growcentia in Fort Collins, Colorado, provides a mix of active microbes that make phosphorous more readily available to plants. According to Gregg Steinberg, the CEO of Growcentia, this boost in nutrient uptake can maximize the health of plants through all stages of growth and result in increased yields and improved cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Steinberg told HEMP that three Ph.D. candidates studying soil microbiology at Colorado State University founded the company in 2014 after conducting government funded research into soil health.

“They tried to identify sustainable ways to increase crop yields through natural, biological solutions,” said Steinberg.

Their research resulted in patented technology to identify, produce, and apply a consortium of microbes that unlock nutrients that are chemically bound in forms that plants are not able to use. Once these microbes and the enzymes they produce liberate the nutrients bound in the soil or hydroponic solution, they can be taken up by the roots and used in the plants’ biological processes.

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