Check Out Our Article In Garden Culture Magazine: How do microbes help during vegetative growth?

Soil microbes are AMAZING in many ways… and if you ask cultivators why soil microbes are
AMAZING, they’ll say it’s because microbes HELP PLANTS GROW!
Over the past decade, scientists have significantly advanced beneficial microbial technologies for
use in agriculture. These innovative biological solutions have proven to successfully help
cultivators increase cannabis health, quality and yield. In this article we will specifically discuss
how soil microbes interact to enhance plant vegetative growth.
In nature, early stage vegetative growth is critical for plant survival. This is mostly because the
quicker growing plants are able to out-compete neighboring plants for light (i.e. energy used to
grow). In agriculture, vegetative growth is most important because a well-developed and healthy
plant structure is able to support maximum flower development and yield potential.
Cannabis growth cycles can be broadly categorized into three stages: 1) early rooting, 2)
vegetative, and 3) flowering stage. In early vegetative growth stages, plants are mainly focused
on allocating nitrogen resources toward roots and stems as quickly as possible. Nitrogen is very
important for early stage plant vegetative growth because there are many cellular components
that require large quantities of nitrogen. Importantly, soil microbes can be synergistically
recruited by newly formed roots; where they mobilize essential nutrients for plant uptake.

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