Grow Stronger, Healthier, & Bigger Plants Using Microbes With Dr. Colin Bell & Scotty Real

Scotty Real Is Hanging Out This Morning With A Very Special Guest Fresh Of A Plane From Australia, Dr. Colin Bell From Mammoth Microbes & The Inventor Of Mammoth P, To Talk About Functional Microbes In Your Cannabis Garden & How Different Groups Of Them Can Be Used To Help Grow Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Healthier Plants Using Microbes In Your Garden & What The Hydro, Commercial Grow, & Home Grow Scene Is Like In Australia And Also A Look Into The Global Cannabis Market, The Hemp Bill, & How Colorado Plans To Stay At The Forefront Of Innovation With Cannabis & CBD In The Future & More On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America

Colin Bell Joined A Panel With Jeff Lowenfels and John Piccirilli of Cutting Edge Solutions at Indo Expo

Understand how growing cannabis plants in soil that is alive with microbe communities and fungal webs can create healthier plants and larger yields. Learn to optimize your living soil and grow flowers with bag appeal and impressive terpene profiles. And hear recommendations on transitioning your operation to probiotic growing techniques without a dip in production. Author/Gardener Jeff Lowenfels, Colin Bell of Mammoth Microbes and Growcentia, and John Piccirilli of Cutting Edge Solutions. Moderated by Shango Los, host of the Shaping Fire podcast. Recorded by Shango Los. Recorded at Indo Expo San Francisco 2018. Be sure to attend the next Indo Expo!