Growcast Podcast: Soil Microbes, Phosphorous, and Microbe Pest Control, with Colin Bell from Mammoth Microbes

Colin Bell from mammoth microbes joins us to talk about his mission to use microbes to reshape agriculture, and why he has turned his attention towards cannabis. He goes on to explain some of the science behind these microbes, and why he believes his product Mammoth P is the best formula for soil- for cannabis and beyond. He wraps it up talking about the future of microbial science and pest/disease control.

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Shaping Fire: Episode 45- A Look at Global Growing Culture with Colin Bell

As cannabis freedoms expand across the globe, more and more cannabis enthusiasts are getting the opportunity to meet each other and learn each others’ cultures and traditions around cannabis. Because access to technology, information and fertilizers vary greatly, cannabis culture is unique everywhere you go. In this episode of Shaping Fire, host Shango Los speaks with Colin Bell, co-founder of Mammoth Microbes about what he has seen traveling the world in search of cannabis growers everywhere.

You can listen to the episode on the Shaping Fire website by clicking the link below:

Modern Microbes: How They Are Found, Made, & Improved With Dr Colin Bell & Dr Karuna Chourey

Scotty Real Is Hanging Out With Dr Colin Bell & Dr Karuna Chourey From Mammoth Microbes To Talk About The Plant Health Pyramid And How It Relates To Growing Cannabis And The Production Of Cannabinoids, How Microbes Can Best Be Used In Deep Water Culture(DWC) Effectively, How Often You Should Be Inoculating Your Soil, How Mammoth Microbes Finds Their Microbes And Selects Them For Phosphorous Uptake And What Other Things, From Eating Plastic To Making THC With Yeast & More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk.

Check Out the Mammoth Science Team’s Recent Panel At Indo Expo 2019

Indo Expo Denver 2019 – Mammoth Science Panel featuring: Colin Bell, PhD Karuna Chourey, PhD Peter Baas, PhD Moderated by: Shango Los of the Shaping Fire Podcast

Join the Mammoth Microbes R&D team as they discuss how the life in your soil or other growth media affects the health of your plants! The team dives into what drew them to the field of soil microbiology, and how this science is being applied in the cannabis industry today.

Grow Talk: Enzymes & Microbes: Getting More Yield In Your Gardens With Dr. Colin Bell

Scotty Real Is Hanging Out This Morning With Dr. Colin Bell From Mammoth Microbes In Studio To Talk About Microbes & Enzymes & How They Can Be Used To Increase Your Quality And Yields In Any Grow Setup. How Microbes Use Enzymes to Catalyze An Make Nutrition Available To the Plants, And How Even If You Are Already Using Compost Teas You Can Benefit From Using Targeted, Tailored Functional Groups That Are Present In Microbial Products Like Recharge & Mammoth P And More On Todays Science Filled Episode Of Grow Talk.

Grow Stronger, Healthier, & Bigger Plants Using Microbes With Dr. Colin Bell & Scotty Real

Scotty Real Is Hanging Out This Morning With A Very Special Guest Fresh Of A Plane From Australia, Dr. Colin Bell From Mammoth Microbes & The Inventor Of Mammoth P, To Talk About Functional Microbes In Your Cannabis Garden & How Different Groups Of Them Can Be Used To Help Grow Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Healthier Plants Using Microbes In Your Garden & What The Hydro, Commercial Grow, & Home Grow Scene Is Like In Australia And Also A Look Into The Global Cannabis Market, The Hemp Bill, & How Colorado Plans To Stay At The Forefront Of Innovation With Cannabis & CBD In The Future & More On Todays Episode Of Wake & Bake America