Grower Support Specialist

Sergio is our Grower Support Specialist at Growcentia, answering questions from the growing community about all things Mammoth P! He also contributes to the company’s community outreach, social media, and graphic design efforts. Sergio earned his bachelor of the arts degree from St. John’s College in New Mexico, and received a certificate in graphic design from Santa Fe Community College. Prior to joining the Growcentia team, he was a Cultivation Assistant for a commercial cannabis extract company in Colorado, and a Sales Associate at a hydro supply store. In his free time Sergio enjoys yoga and meditation with his wife Cait, as well as wood carving – a craft he learned from a traditional New Mexico master carver. Recent carvings include: Athena, Buddha and The Virgin Mary. His friends would describe him as a “gentle giant” and as someone who is always willing to learn and listen to others. Sergio’s favorite parts about working with Growcentia are the talented and invested team of people working together to accomplish meaningful goals, and the feeling of having a positive impact on gardens and farms around the world.
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