Plant Trials Coordinator

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Nicole is a Research Associate, involved in product testing and data collection for Growcentia. She attended East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania where she earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with minors in physical geography and fine art. Shortly after graduating Nicole moved to Colorado, working for several private consulting firms as well as one of the largest hemp farms in North America, before landing at Growcentia. Her interests include hiking, mountain biking, cooking good food with friends, and enjoying the health benefits of hemp by juicing the leaves with other vegetables. Nicole possesses a strong work ethic and is passionate about finding solutions to protect our planet. Nicole’s favorite part about working with Growcentia is being able to work amongst a science-driven team of individuals that promote sustainability within agriculture.
Three Things About Me


High kicks made in the work week. (If not, they are definitely made up on the weekends!)


UFOs sighted between the Gila and Apache National Forest in NM.


Number of threatened/endangered species protection projects Nicole has worked on