Alberto Barra

Senior Sales Executive - Spain

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Nicolás is Mammoth Microbes’ Senior Sales Executive in Spain. He received a degree in agribusiness from UTN FrRo, an MBA in agribusiness from Universidad Austral, and he is currently finishing his PhD in agricultural and forestry sciences through UNLP. Much of his research and work has focused on the agro-economic impact of the legalization of cannabis in Argentina.

Outside of the world of agriculture, Nicolas is a jazz and electronic tango musician, drink mixologist, and is interested in the politics of counterculture. Besides all of that, he’s also experienced in Krav Magá, and is a loyal fan of the Rosario Central Futbol Club! He spends the most of his free time with his wife and dog, which he states are his most precious treasures. Nicolas’ favorite thing about working at Growcentia: the amazing experience that is produced by the synergy of professionals who work for the company.

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