Mary J.

Research Associate

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Mary is a Research Associate for Growcentia. She earned her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Colorado State University, and before joining the Growcentia team, she worked at CSU’s Natural Resources Ecology Lab (NREL). She also has experience as a Field Crew Leader with the U.S Dept. of Agriculture where she collected plant-trait data on a number of species in the high plains/short-grass steppe ecosystems. As a result of working with the USDA, she was recently published in the Journal of Ecology! Mary is a Colorado native and when she’s not doing research for Growcentia, she enjoys climbing, fly-fishing, backpacking and anything else that gets her out of the city and into the mountains. A self-described plant geek, Mary also loves gardening, and identifying plants while hiking with friends. Mary’s favorite thing about working with Growcentia: the opportunity to learn an immense amount (especially about hemp growing techniques) from people with a wide variety of research backgrounds!
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Percent Native American (Cherokee)


Number of dominant prairie plant species she can identify by scientific name


Minutes it took her to run the Bolder Boulder (6 miles)