Sales Executives - Colombia

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Andres Duque is one of the Mammoth Sales Executives for Colombia. Andres is an autodidact in advertising, graphic design, and photography. He founded the first cannabis cup and international cannabis expo in Colombia, Feria Cannabica El Copo. Andres owns a top-notch smoke shop in Colombia, the Weed Social Club and hosts the Dad-a-Doo Colombia with Mila Jensen. In his free time you can find Andres traveling, cultivating cannabis, reading, and exploring the endless amount of great restaurants Colombia and Latin America has to offer. Anders strongest quality is his loyalty and ability to compromise. His friends would describe him as a dedicated and authentic friend who is highly educated, ambitious and not afraid to take risks. His favorite thing about working for Growcentia is the environment, the team, and the opportunity to gain knowledge of the community and culture as we expand to new markets.

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