Agronomy Research Team Lead

Amy is the Agronomy Research Team Lead for Mammoth Microbes. She has a B.S. Agroecology (University of Wyoming), M.S. Soil Science (University of Wyoming). Amy has also worked with a variety of sustainable ag applications including: organic field, vertical hydroponic, greenhouse, rangeland, and permaculture. In her personal time, she enjoys plenty of knitting, reading, yoga, and meditation. Amy would describe herself as a life long learner with a very analytical thought process! Her friends would describe her as passionate about work and rarely takes anything at face value. So far, Amy's favorite thing about working at Mammoth is knowing the end result of her work will directly help growers with nutrient and pest problems in a variety of operations and applications.
Three Things About Me


Collective number of months that I have lived out of a tent


Average number of times I misplace my car keys in a day


Number of times I have hiked in and out of the Grand Canyon (I would recommend only once for others)