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Business Development Project Specialist

Zoe is our Business Development Project Specialist at Growcentia. Zoe attended the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she received her degree in Political Science. During school and following graduation, Zoe worked for several organic vegetable farms in Massachusetts, getting her hands dirty and spreading her love of vegetables with the greater Boston area. Seeking new experiences, she headed west to Colorado, bringing with her a passion for responsible land stewardship, access to fresh food, and community. In her role at Growcentia, Zoe ensures that the daily operations of the company run smoothly, as well as working on sustainability at headquarters and in the company gardens. In her free time, Zoe is probably working on her embroidery business, doing yoga, hiking, or playing Catan. Zoe’s favorite parts about working with Growcentia are the great team, and the knowledge that she is helping growers all over the world and helping to feed and heal our soil.

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