The Mammoth Story

MAMMOTH P is the first product engineered and produced by Growcentia. Growcentia was founded by a team of three Colorado State University PhD soil microbiologists that share a passion for enhancing soil health and promoting sustainable agriculture. Using innovative proprietary technology, this team developed an approach to identify and apply nature’s very best microbes to improve nutrient availability to plants. Growcentia aims to help growers maximize the health of their soils or growth media to enhance plant health and yields, while minimizing environmental impacts of agriculture.

Our Mission

We aim to enable the healthiest, most productive, and most profitable crops possible, while minimizing impacts on our environment by developing and producing natural easy-to-use plant growth stimulants.
The Challenge

Growers must maximize nutrient delivery to plants to see the full potential of the plant’s quality and harvestable yield. When fertilizer is added to soils or hydroponic systems, less than 50% is utilized by plants. Unutilized fertilizer represents wasted money to the grower and can have negative environmental impacts.

The Solution

Our natural supplements unlock nutrients that are chemically-bound in soils or hydroponic systems and convert them into soluble forms that plants can easily take up through their roots. Our supplements contain a consortia of live microbes that function as self-replicating bioreactors that are 30x better at liberating nutrients than the average microbial community. Like micro bioreactors, our beneficial bacteria continually produce enzymes that function to mobilize nutrients in the growth medium. MAMMOTH P naturally accelerates the nutrient supply to plants to increase plant health, quality and yield.

Principals & Partners

Meet the Mammoth Team
Colin Bell
Colin Bell, PhD

Chief Growth Officer

Rich Conant
Rich Conant, PhD

Director of Technology

Peter Baas, PhD

Director of R&D

Lauren Mancini
Lauren Mancini

Manager of Quality Assurance, Research & Development

Melanie Lee
Melanie Lee

Research Associate

Kendra Soderberg
Kendra Soderberg

Product Partnership Specialist

Erik McMahon
Erik McMahon

Bottling & Inventory Control Director

Damien Hernandez
Damian Hernandez

Senior Packaging Specialist

Sam Morris
Sam Morris

Senior Packaging & Quality Control Specialist

Nick Cozzi
Nicholas Cozzi

Senior Sales Executive

David Saunders
David Saunders

Senior Sales Executive

Shane Callanan

Senior Sales Executive

Natalie Ward

Operations Support Agent

Katelyn Ehrler

Director of Business Development

Maureen Phenix

Community Outreach

Joe Cloutier

Packaging Specialist

Dylan Hodges

Packaging Specialist

Kyle Wallace

Packaging Specialist

Teresa Egbert

Sales Support

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